It’s been over four months since I last updated. Understandably, I’ve been very busy learning, working and having a lot of fun. I’ve seen a number of people in this time, but there are some who stick out as catalyst to my growth.

This last week I saw someone who Miss Tulsi and I had sessioned with in the past. I was mostly watching, as she worked in a heavy role playing anal session with whom I now refer to as “my little mess maker”. His kink was quite incestual and be it taboo, I find a lot of enjoyment in delving into this part of myself and others. The forbidden is sexy. And there is nothing more forbidden than blood relatives. Being the older female aggressor was more natural than it should have been.

Good ol’ Nippleclamps came back in. I consider Nippleclamps my favorite regular. There’s a lot of sexual tension underlying our time together.  It’s become a highlight when I see him and get to safely push those limits he sets up. When he comes to see me it usually feels as if he’s sticking his hand on the stove, but afraid to get burned. Adventurous yet, timid I’d call him.  I’ve learned a lot about RESPECTING others boundaries in my time with him. I’ve learned how delicate and how strong we can be. I’ve learned to scale back my eager desires in order to develop a  more rewarding dynamic. Not all play needs to be pain, blood and cum as I like. It can be soft, sensual, new and strange. Nippleclamps has taught me to appreciate different avenues in play.

And then there’s my friend of a friend, I’ll call Pony (for unrelated purposes). We’ve played in sessions, at parties, and become friends before anything. I can’t place my finger on why I take such interest in his diaper fetish, but I do. It’s, in fact, always been a strange, unknown place to me playing with ABs and those who are diaper fetishist. But I enjoy the sheer reaction I get from this person. Enjoyment, release, no-nonsense, handed over trust.

As of this month, I am no longer an apprentice but a true and stride, bona fide Dominatrix. I know there is so much more to explore and master, but I am more than ever still in love with what I do. I’ve never found more of a place to be myself than I have in the title and shoes of Miss Quinn.


And The Beat Goes On…

Ha ha! I thought that was a pretty clever title.

Hello again. It’s been another busy few weeks of training and sessions. As always though, I’ve been enjoying myself. Training is the best because of how informal and relaxed the setting is from the get go. Just two or more people getting together to learn and play. And luckily, I’ve found a few of my sessions to follow suit. It takes a little practice, but creating the tone of the session is doable. I don’t necessarily want to steer everything in terms of mood/topic, but it’s important to me that we both feel comfortable after all is said and done. Sometimes that comes in the form of talking about hockey or talking about how hot what we just did was.

I’ve gotten very comfortable with most every kink that walks through the door. I initially was concerned with how I’d enjoy strap on penetration with someone that I’m not romantically involved with, as this is the only way I’ve ever experienced it. The beautiful Miss Tulsi and I came across a very taboo circumstance in a session she allowed me to sit in on. (Psst…real life incest and incorporating it in a scene.) I’ve found I’m better at role play than I previously thought during a cuckolding/ sissy session. And I’ve come to really enjoy playing with a fetishist. Who’da thunk it? Between these varying sessions and fire play, CBT, and sissy training, I feel as though I am acquiring a nice variation in skills. And more confidence with every session.

But with learning, I’ve also discovered some limits of my own and places for improvement. I am no longer open to trying brown showers or using anyone as a full toilet. While the idea always perplexed me (and therefore, was an interest) I find no gratification in the thought. I think all my curiosity on the matter is purely from it being so foreign and taboo to me. Perhaps, someone may enlighten me in discussion one day about their experiences or what they find rewarding in scat, but it’s not for me. I also learned of the pros and cons of a serious top high. On the Friday of Matriarchy last month, I had multiple sessions that day and found myself practicing fire play on three others during the event. After hours upon hours of topping and physical exertion, my flogging work became blatantly sloppy come nights end. Lesson learned: Respect your physical and mental limits. Especially when someone else’s safety, comfort-ability or experience is riding on your overall state of being.

It’s been a very rewarding last two months. All the other Pros I work with are incredibly talented and always willing to help or give constructive criticism. Miss Tulsi taught me a lot about role playing, verbal communication and just being overall confident during a session. I overcame my (second) strap on virginity, learned to play with a mostly vanilla person, and dirty talked up a storm. *sigh* I love my job….


Knuckle Sandwich…

As I’ve said before, anyone who wants anal at 10 AM  is just greedy. And anal greedy this one was! Last week a very tall, very masculine gentleman comes into the dungeon for a session. Or initially I should say, he was such a gentleman. He turned into a babbling, moaning whore 15 minutes in.  We’ll call him Ving. Right away I knew no matter what the session entailed it would be fun. From the get go, he was very personable and clearly comfortable with what was going to take place. And it makes all the difference when there’s a natural chemistry and mutual kink. I have been fascinated with anal since I can remember.

Our session consisted of pure hotness! No exaggeration, it’s set the bar high for sessions to come. An hour (sadly not more) of…

Him with legs and arms cuffed and chained to the table he was on and myself in a black latex crop top and pants. My peep toed heels putting me at the perfect height to comfortably invade his ass. Comfortable for me, that is. I spent some time stretching him out, seeing what he could take. He could take it all. A regular slut. Two, three, four fingers…we decided he should see if he could take my fist. During all this fun prodding there was non-stop talk about secret desires to be whored out to multiple men, how I was punishing him for keeping seeing me a secret from his wife. It went on.  (Hi, I’m Miss Quinn and verbal is half of the fun in my book.)

Ving did indeed take my fist. And wrist. And about 6 inches more of my forearm. It was like Discovery channel to me, I’ve never been that far inside someone. At one point, I know I felt my hand at the opening of his small intestine. Finishing off with a golden shower, our time was up.

Note to current and future clients: it’s so much more rewarding for the both of us when you don’t walk in preemptively shameful. I’m not judging you. I am apprenticing because I want to understand and delve into my own kink, as well as others. Thank you, Ving for shedding light on my experience.

Training Thus Far…

In the last two weeks Ms.Saskia has covered quite a bit of material and technique with me in training. While it’s a lot to learn and will take even longer to perfect, I’ve been thoroughly enjoying her teachings. As well, I’ve come to some realizations about what types of play I enjoy as they’ve been introduced to me.

To review the first week:

Our first few days of training covered flogging, spanking, appropriate materials to use to avoid leaving marks (naughty clients), safety measures, good and bad restraints to use, so forth. While technique is very important, I am coming to believe it is something that varies person to person and takes time to establish. It’s also a matter of practice and of trial and error. While that develops, I have found it’s helpful to me to understand what it is a client/bottom enjoys. Do you get sexual satisfaction from this activity? Do you feel vulnerable in this position? What have been your past experiences? All of these things add up to helping me gauge what it is you seek from our time together. It provides me with a mission. And it really helps in that basic “getting to know”. Who are you? What do you enjoy?

As I was, flogging…I love it.  And I mean girly hearts all over it. I get a lot out of the sheer physicality in using a flogger. One tool, one person to another; I love the satisfying sound of a solid hit, the telling marks of my focus, all of it. But it does take a natural rhythm, a steady incline to build up. So far, I have found pacing my energy to be the biggest challenge. It’s also nice in a dungeon with extensive tools  to know what flogger out of fifteen suits me best. Becoming familiar with the tools is setting the most basic foundation and sense of confidence in me.

Spanking, as well can be a fun exchange of power. I find I enjoy and get into a spanking most when my bottom is enjoying themselves. To me spanking is either a light-hearted, playful matter or a very sensual activity. I don’t necessarily know if corporal punishment is my “style”. And, I’ve found that when it comes to a spanking my hand is my favorite tool. It feels more connected, precise and is capable of creating so many sensations. I think I’ll leave the leather to the others. I want to feel the warmth of what I create.

As I find myself playing with many demo bottoms, all differing in experience, identity, threshold; I find my outlook on play evolving. I am definitely letting go of that forefront sadistic voice which says, “hit ’em, hurt ’em, BLEED”. While that side will always exist, finding I can still *enjoy* implementing discomfort  on other levels and in other frames of minds, is a neat concept of its’ own. Yes, I may giggle, may have a lustful gaze, or a “cut the shit” command all within a matter of minutes. I am a little all over the place, but never experiencing a dull moment. That change is so fun to have found.  A lot of that comes from watching Ms.Saskia who incorporates so much laughter and humor into her kink and teachings. There is no “One Domme Fits All” persona. There is no need for a persona. The best thing to hear as I’m trying my hand at something new is “have fun and be myself”.

That I can do!





Miss Quinn Goes Pro!

I had suspected my next blog entry might be about my training session on flogging and learning restraints or perhaps, I’d talk about what fun I had with my two demo tushes last week.

But low and behold, as unexpected as everything else that’s occurred in the last two weeks…

Last night (as none of the other Dommes were available), I was given my first session with a very quiet gentleman. I could tell he was nervous, but probably not as much as I.  We began with some light cross dressing. I put him in a pair of lacy white panties (which looked adorable on his perky bottom), a blonde wig and some light red lipstick. We all know how much I love my blondes. The gentleman and I then had good fun with some spanking: bare handed, a paddle, some unsuspecting colorful rulers and my favorite, the riding crop. Following, my strap on got some serious sucking action as I sat on the potty throne. It’s ever so sexy to watch someone please for the hell of pleasing. And watching that lipstick smear was the icing on my C/D loving cake.

I would say the highlight of the session for me was when I had this little slut laid out across me as I sat on a bench, but with him able to see it all in the mirror directly in front. I held his chin firmly and told him to watch himself get spanked by Miss Quinn. Yet, eyes closed when I checked.  No, I said watch yourself. Again, again…now we’ve got it. I sensed shame…his eyes stayed down cast most of our time together. That was when I had him get on elbows and knees, on the floor and as the spanking got louder, I wanted him to as well. I wanted him to proclaim what he was. Say “I’m a little pain slut” over and over. He got slightly louder and momentarily he chanted it. I was proud of him that moment. We are who we are…and instead of making this a shameful experience, feel liberated! I did.

Our session ended with light touches, leg worship and a nice massage that I very much needed.

Overall, I was glad to have shared this first-ginity with this client. He definitely brought out the softer, more sensual side to me. Now I’d like to bring out the *true* pain slut in him.



Hello Denver…

Welcome to my blog! I’m Miss Quinn.

This blog entry marks the beginning of my six month long apprenticeship with Pavlovia. Pavlovia, you see, is a dungeon here in Denver, Colorado that specializes in Behavior Modification and BDSM services. Still isn’t adding up? See: Professional Dominatrix. It’s only something you see on a Cinemax movie, right? I know. Only now…this is my life, my 23 year old college student life. I couldn’t be more excited as I have a insatiable thirst for expanding my psychological understanding. That, and a natural mean streak.

Earlier this week I met with Ms.Saskia (Pavlovia’s Headmistress) for a business lunch. As we spoke of the types of clientele her staff is use to seeing, I found myself  looking forward to the challenge.  The most provoking aspect of this companies services is the opportunity to work with couples, fetishists, adult babies, cross dressers, you name it! There are a slew of colorful people in this city that I will have the opportunity to learn from, teach and ultimately modify.

Check back soon for the entries on my first two training lessons!